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The temporary additional cost from 1000 to 5000 on the Puyang group’s operating table

The temporary additional cost from 1000 to 5000 on the Puyang group’s operating table

The operation was told to add four thousand yuan to the operation.

Xiao Li, who lives in Puyang, has been in the field for study and employment. Not long ago, because of the rest of the holiday, he returned to Puyang from the outside, ready to take the driver’s license, the body’s “small problems” to cure. Xiao Li found all the information from Puyang Oriental Hospital through online search. He thought that a more authoritative institution chose the hospital. The cost of circumcision was one thousand yuan by consulting the hospital.

“In December 27, 2017, I went to the Puyang Oriental Hospital for surgery and after 300 multivariate inspection fees, I was lying on the operating table for surgery.” Xiao Li introduced it. But after opening the mouth, the doctor suddenly told Xiao Li that there was a cyst. He told Xiao Li that he had to add money to make a cyst stripping. The cost was 1600 yuan.

“At first I did not agree, but he threatened to say nothing to do, and after that, one more man came to say it was to add.” Because lying on the operating table can not move, Xiao Li had to agree, the result of the whole operation, Xiao Li spent more than five thousand yuan.

The next day, when Xiao Li was in the Puyang Oriental Hospital, he was questioned about the transfusion cost and was transferred to the Huimin Hospital of Puyang. He was told by the hospital that the so-called operation plus item was actually included in the operation and no extra charge was needed.


There are no details on the bill of charge and many people who have the same encounter

Reporters saw that the Puyang Oriental Hospital issued a toll receipt for Xiao Li, which showed that there were two operation charges in December 27th, which were 1080 yuan and 3400 yuan respectively, and there was a 845 yuan fee item called the treatment fee, and the specific operation cost was not clear.

Xiaoli told reporters in the interview, the oriental hospital called Xiao Li a Korean painless wrapping plasty, but the hospital at present told Xiao Li, in fact, is a general prepuce operation. And have the same experience as well as Xiao Wu and Xiao Li, he earlier treatment of the foreskin in Puyang Oriental Hospital, and spent nearly twenty thousand yuan, and afterwards also because got inflammation elsewhere and forced medical treatment.

Xiao Li once reflected the situation to the health management department, and the Health Planning Commission said it should be a medical fraud. Police station police said this is an economic dispute that can not be put on a case, and it should be solved by the Consumer Association. However, the industrial and commercial bureau said that the dispute belongs to the medical and health aspects and does not belong to the common consumer economic dispute. It should be solved in coordination with the health department. “I turn around and turn back. I don’t know who’s going to be in charge.” Xiao Li is very helpless.


The hospital says the addition is normal in the operation

To this end, the reporter contacted the Puyang Oriental Hospital, surnamed Wang, head of the president, he said to reporters to provide the names of the parties, he checked after contact with the parties understand the specific situation, such as a “special case” can handle. The addition of other problems in the operation is normal, which is also the case in public hospitals.

Subsequently, the reporter contacted the Puyang Municipal Health Inspection Bureau. The head of the Department said there was an increase in the operation, one is whether the technology level is needed, whether the patient has been informed before the operation. There are over the treatment of the problem, this problem should be responsible for the medical disputes, shall be borne by the medical affairs department.

While the yizhengke Hualong District of Puyang City Planning Commission official said, for such problems, if the complaint to yizhengke according to medical disputes through mediation, or to the court, if the consultation results are generally medical institutions for refund. He said, usually received such problems, but because the oriental hospital is a private hospital, itself is a profit – making institution, the charge will be a little higher. And for the above situation, how to deal with the hospital, there is no strict standard reference.

In this regard, Li said, go to the hospital to do the surgery is not clear “slaughter”, even the money but the root of the problem is not resolved, he is looking through the regulatory norms, for this, the reporter will continue to pay attention.

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Post time: Jan-03-2018