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The first China Myanmar friendly hospital was formally transferred into operation

In December 23rd, Burma city of Yangon Ba Han people came early to the friendship hospital and Du Qingzhi hospital. Some of them holding flowers, some pounding drums, waiting to begin this hospital.
Du Qingzhi in 1947 was converted into a hospital maternity hospital, affiliated to the Committee for the welfare of women and children in Burma, director of the Committee of the Burma minister Aung San Suu Kyi’s mother, Ms. Du Qingzhi, hence the name Du Qingzhi hospital. Many people in Yangon have a lot of affection for this hospital. However, as a result of a long disrepair, the hospital’s diagnosis and treatment environment can not meet the requirements of the patient. In February of this year, the Du Qingzhi hospital upgrading project was launched. The project was jointly funded by the Chinese Embassy in Burma and the China peace development foundation. The China International Medical and health company and the Burma communication and Cooperation Association were responsible for the specific implementation, and completed in October. The upgraded Du Qingzhi hospital is a high level obstetrics and gynecology hospital with daily outpatient service, delivery room, operation room and inpatient department. It is also the first Sino Burma friendship hospital.
The people who help us upgrade Du Qingzhi hospital are not only upgrading a hospital, but also helping our health, our people and our Federation. I would like to express my special thanks for that. ” On the same day, Aung San Suu Kyi expressed his thanks to the Chinese side at the handover ceremony. She also recalled the origin of her hospital with interest. “Now when I return to this hospital, I can’t remember its appearance before, but it can be sure that it is better than before.”
The hospital director Xin Yuzuo told reporters that this is the first large-scale renovation renovation since Du Qingzhi hospital was founded, China provides us with modern office conditions and advanced medical equipment, help the hospital to achieve the overall level of medical and technology breakthrough!” In the past, she said, the hospital could only take over the general patients, and it was often impossible for the critically ill patients to be treated. Now the hospital has the intensive care unit and the emergency operation, “these are our major breakthroughs”.
“Now Du Qingzhi hospital to become a new and advanced equipment of the hospital, I believe it can make Burma women and children benefit, also hope that the great female” Du Qingzhi remembered this dedicated Burma women and children’s welfare, China ambassador to Burma, Mrs. Wang Xuehong said in a speech.

After renovation, the Du Qingzhi hospital outpatient building with 7500 square meters is integrated into a new ward building. The interior decoration designed according to international standards is simple and generous, and all the medical devices purchased from China become a highlight of this hospital. Fu Qiang, chief engineer of China International Medical and health company, said that from surgical scalpel to operating lamp, ventilator, all medical devices in the hospital represent the highest level in China, and fully meet the needs of local maternal and neonatal health care.
Li Bobo, the executive chairman of the Myanmar China exchange and Cooperation Association, has witnessed the whole process of preparation and construction of friendly hospitals. He said this is not only a Burmese China friendly project, but also a local people’s livelihood project, which has been strongly supported by the various departments of the government of Burma in the process of construction. See the modern hospital, Burma local people were loud shouts of applause. Wu Piaomin, governor of Yangon Province, described “this is the best hardware hospital in Burma”. Yangon Dang Wu doutu thumbs thumbs up to our newspaper reporter and praised it repeatedly. Burma health and sports minister Wu Min said: “we marvel China medical equipment R & D and manufacturing level is so high. People come here, and the first thing you know is that China has helped the hospital, and they will thank the Chinese people. With love, paukphaw friendship will continue.”
The medical station work tiria Meng hopes to China learning to deliver nursing skills, to China obstetrics and Gynecology experts to visit the Burma guide. The Burma government plans to build the hospital into a training base for the medical and obstetrics and Gynecology of Burma in the future, and to carry out key training for the medical and nursing staff of the rural gynecology and obstetrics in Burma.
“We will do our best to maintain the medical equipment provided by the Chinese side and make the hospital a model and training base for the whole Burma hospital,” Wu Mintui told our correspondent.

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Post time: Jan-02-2018