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There are so many stars visiting the country, not only because of the good medical skills abroad

A few years ago, going abroad to see a doctor is not only the patent of the rich, many stars go abroad to see a doctor has become the norm, they choose to go abroad for medical treatment is because of foreign medical technology is good? Not only that, but what attracts them more is foreign medical services.

When you go abroad to see a doctor in Japan, the doctor will say a lot of encouragement
Japanese surgeons are very particular about the conversations with patients during surgery. The Japanese surgeon needs to communicate with the patient one day before the operation, which will explain in detail the risk of surgery and so on. At the same time, all the questions of the patient will be answered patiently.
Before the formal operation, doctors and nurses will smile with patients to talk about some topic, such as “the weather is good today, we are very well prepared, you feel uncomfortable with what?” “After a little surgery, the nurse will give you beautiful flowers, don’t know you like roses or Lily?”" This kind of words will quickly transfer the attention of the patient, so that no longer tense.
After the surgery started, the nurse beside the patient asked the patient’s feelings every few minutes, such as whether to feel difficult breathing, feel cold, and so on, will continue to encourage patients: “you are the strongest person I’ve ever met.”.” At that moment, such a sentence may have a lifetime influence. This is also an important reason for many stars who are willing to choose to go abroad for medical treatment.
Focusing on severe overseas medical services, one of the Nobel hospital, Japan’s precision instrument cancer screening technology ahead of the world, in the field of cancer treatment is not inferior to the United States, Innovation workshop chairman Li Kaifu lymphoma cured in japan. Compared with the European and American countries, Japan has lower medical cost and higher cost performance.
Go to the United States to see a doctor more responsible
The United States is the most people to go abroad for medical treatment of choice, in addition to advanced medical technology, the doctor service is thoughtful to the doctor, doctors in the United States always greeted us at the same time, the patients in the clinic, but also can get the maximum protection of privacy. For example, if a female doctor checks your breasts, she will also let you change the patient’s clothes in the clinic. Five minutes later, she would knock outside the door carefully and ask, “can I come in now? The American nurses who help American doctors are equally polite.”. As a patient, the respect and privacy protection of a doctor is commendable.
American doctors attach great importance to postoperative tracking of any minor surgery. If you need to have a gastroscopy. In the examination, do gastroscope specialist million thousand exhort exhort, please write down my phone number, if you have what unwell tonight, to call me. The American doctors are so serious and responsible that they are really touched.
Focus on severe overseas medical services, the introduction of one, the United States in the field of cancer treatment in the world leading, but expensive, medical expenses is 6 times of china.
Patients can hear the most favorite music when they go abroad to go to Germany for medical treatment
The German car operation room will play music, which is probably related to their long tradition of music.
One day before the surgery, the doctor will tell the patient everything to be prepared and noticed before and after the operation. On the day of surgery, after entering operation room, surgeons and nurses have been waiting there. They introduced their names and responsibilities in the operation, and when all the notes were finished, the soft music sounded, and the music was generally liked by the patients. It turns out that they usually chat with patients the day before to get the information.
German experts Petra said: the German hospital management the hospital usually play three kind of music: most patients love music; if the patient does not have special preferences, usually playing birdsong, water and other sounds of nature; the complex surgery surgeon will play the music I love.
“Playing music during surgery is also known as’ intraoperative music intervention’. There were two anxiety peaks in the operation patients, one was received the operation notice, and the other one was pushed into the operation room. Music intervention can relieve the fear of patients in the operation room.” Petra said that if patients feel warm during the operation, they can relax the operation, so as to heal faster. Therefore, the German medical treatment has become a choice for many patients to go abroad for medical treatment!
Focus on severe overseas medical services, the introduction of one, Germany’s medical equipment in the world’s leading position, medical costs cheaper, is China’s medical expenses of 2 times. German medical attention to safety, low risk of surgery, in the field of Department of orthopedics treatment has outstanding advantages.
British hospitals bring more warmth to patients
Operation room in Britain is very reasonable “three bedrooms and one living room” – the hall is the operating room, only surgery, next to the equipment preparation room, anesthesia preparation room, sewage treatment room. Such layout, one can make different things in different rooms do not interfere with each other, more importantly, will not let patients waiting for surgery, hear the jingle of instruments, so as to avoid fear.
The British operation room has a special transfer vehicle, the patient directly in the car to the anesthesia room for anesthesia, and then pushed to the operation room. What’s important is that the car has three layers of order: silk, cotton and leather. The lower layer, with the handle, can transfer the patient to the operating bed without having to toss it many times.
The problem of keeping warm during the operation is a big problem. After anesthesia

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Post time: Nov-22-2017