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Sales Cheap LED Operating Lamp in shanghai

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Sales Cheap LED Operating Lamp in shanghai:

As a successful manufacturer and supplier, we have devoted ourselves to Medical many years. Providing excellent service and competitive price for you, we are expecting to become your long-term partner in China.


The fundamental principle is the led operating lamp coming from various angles of the light, can dodge the other angle shot over the light caused by the shadow of doctors in endoscopic, ophthalmology, abdominal surgery, Department of orthopedics, Department of ENT, neurology, obstetrics and Gynecology and urology at operation and examination, if you choose to do some high halogen lamp. The difficulty of the operation or time-consuming operation, it is easy to feel fatigue, and halogen shadowless lamp life is short, so that the ICU used in the operation room are LED operation shadowless lamp, led shadowless lamp lighting surgical site, be able to best observe in different depth incision and control in small, low contrast objects. The maximum reduction of the head, hand, and instrument of the operator may cause interference shadow on the surgical site, and reduce the color distortion to the lowest level. In addition, led also can continue operation shadowless lamp to work for a long time, and does not emit excess heat, because of overheating will cause the operation of discomfort, also can make in the surgical area in dry tissue, so as to enhance the probability of successful operation of the doctor.


一,The working principle of operating lamp in hospital:

Shadowless lamp is used for lighting the surgical site, with the best observation in different depth incision and the body, the Diao and low contrast objects. Because of the operation of the head, hands and instruments may cause interference shadows on the surgical site, which should be set in operation shadowless lamp can eliminate shadow and color distortion can be reduced to the lowest level. In addition, it can be a long time continuous shadowless lamp L, and does not emit excess heat, because of overheating will cause the operation of small, also can make in the surgical area in dry tissue “


Medical LED Operating Shadowless LampMedical LED Operating Lamp    LED operating shadowless lamp hospitalLED operating lamp in hospital


二,Operating lamp is important medical equipment in the operation room:

Shadowless lamp is one of the most important medical equipment in the operation room, medical staff through the use of the shadowless shadowless lamp, lighting in the area were operated, so as to help the doctors to clearly distinguish the lesion tissue, the successful completion of surgery.  

Currently operating lamp generally adopts annular energy-saving lamps or halogen lamps, light emitting diode (LED) but with the continuous development of technology, especially the development of high brightness white LED, LED shadowless lamp completely solves the congenital defect of annular energy-saving lamp, energy-saving lamp ring products upgrade. From last year, the major domestic and foreign medical equipment exhibition, such as the German Dusseldorf medical equipment exhibition and Beijing international medical equipment exhibition, shadowless lamp products LED major shadowless lamp manufacturers have hit their own new exhibition site, can hardly find a halogen lamp figure, LED shadowless lamp replace halogen lamp has become an irresistible trend. Its advantages can be summarized as follows: energy saving and environmental protection

Traditional halogen lamps for general 400W, high fever, LED operation shadowless lamp is 180W, almost no heat. LED operation shadowless lamp has no pollution to the environment, the same brightness power consumption is only 10% of incandescent lamp, halogen lamp 50%, is one of the national energy-saving emission reduction, low carbon life products. High security

Power supply adopts low voltage DC power supply and power components special, over-voltage, short circuit protection function, eliminate safety hazards such as power source, burned; the supply voltage is lower than 24V, the maximum extent to ensure the personal safety of the patient. High comfort

Luminescence effect, the real pure color and no infrared and ultraviolet in the head and the wound site almost no temperature rise, effectively reduce the wound with water loss, rapid healing of wounds for patients, improve the quality of operation, reduce the risk of surgery; the color of 4300K is most suitable for eye surgery as the light temperature and the color index is higher than 94, to distinguish between the wound site fast and effective organization of doctors; DC power supply, no stroboscopic, effectively relieve visual fatigue of doctors, improve the operation efficiency and quality. Technical performance Gao

LED shadowless lamp has long service life, the life of the light source is more than 60 thousand hours, is several times the traditional lamp, which greatly reduces the subsequent use of operation room and maintenance cost fee. High brightness, the measured illuminance is greater than 160000LUX, using LED special brightness control system, five levels of regulation of 30%~100% on the output brightness in digital mode, which can maintain the accurate color of the lamp in the lower brightness at the same time, to help doctors accurately identify the organizational structure. The light source adopts precision optical system design and principle of multi lens light, each light source chip to realize a condenser, fixed focus depth is higher than 800mm, and can be realized in the regulation by focusing on the handle, the spot is very uniform, D50 and 1/2D10 are almost coincident, spot uniformity is more than 90%, no effect is good, high definition. High stability

LED chip by Cree company to be imported, long life and good security, anti dropping, earthquake resistance, impact resistance, corrosion resistance. The operation lamp reacts quickly, using the soft switch technology, that is, the opening is bright, and there is no start time.  Convenient operation

Configuration balanced light LED operation shadowless lamp arm suspension system, the six dimensional universal joint linkage, the international mobile lightweight, accurate positioning and overall design of 360 DEG, no irradiation can meet any dead angle, height and angle in operation. LED has high luminous efficiency, small lamp body, light weight and strong operability. The control panel is located at the connection point of the lamp arm. It will not cause accidents such as burn out in the control panel due to the heat of the lamp body. And

The brightness control control has memory and display function and soft switch, easy to adjust and use.


三,Our photos in the case of operation room operationglamp in hospital:





Welcome to buy the best quality LED Operating Shadowless Lamp Hospital for sale from us. As one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers of various medical equipment, we have cooperated with many companies and owned good reputation. Come and enjoy our unmatched prices and services.

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