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Hole Type Shadowless Lamp In Ophthalmic, ear, mouth, nose and tongue surgery

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    Hole Type Shadowless Lamp data:

    Model      illumination Color temperature(K) supply voltage Rated power Input power(W)
    FDK1205 ≥12万/≥5万 3800士500 220V士10% 300/125 840
    FDK12 ≥12万 3800士500 220V士10% 300 560
    FDK9 ≥9万 3800士500 220V士10% 25*9 450
    FDK5 ≥5万 4000士500 220V/50Hz 25*5 280
    FDK4 ≥4万 3800士500 220V/50Hz 25*4 115
    single ≥6万 4500士500 220V/50Hz 50 185


     Hole Type Shadowless Lamp In Ophthalmic, ear, mouth, nose and tongue surgery


    FDK05C.jpgFDK05 Hole Type Shadowless Lamp   FDK09.jpgFDK09 Hole Type Shadowless Lamp in surgical orthopaedics   FDK12.jpgFDK12 Hole Type Shadowless Lamp in Abdominal surgery



    FDK1205.jpg    FDK1205 Hole Type Shadowless Lamp in Gynaecology   FDK04D.jpgFDK4 Hole Type Shadowless Operating Lamp


    Hole Type Shadowless Lamp application:

    1. shadowless lamp connectors should be firmly without loosening, concentrating regulation should be flexible.

    2. rotation of the rotation should ask shadowless light, the light body can stably stay at a selected position, in the absence of external forces, should not change the original position.

    3. the shadowless lamp operation range should be not less than the specified value, which refers to the range of motion (including the arm tube around the fixed seat rotation to 360 degrees; the lamp body around the pipe rotation to 360 degrees, four hole reaches 180 degrees; Y tube moves up and down to reach 38; U type tube turning around to reach 150 degree. The lamp body revolves around the Y tube with four holes, five holes reach 110 degrees, and the other aperture is required to reach 160 degrees.

    The 4. lamp power and energy should be less than the specified value of 15 to 29.

    5. mobile mobile shadowless lamp on the flat ground, casters should be light and flexible, there shall be no dumping phenomenon.

    The light-emitting surface coating layer 6. common type shadowless lamp reflector is the circle should be bright, no obvious stripes, bump, scratches and mildew phenomenon.

    The light-emitting surface coating layer 7. cold type shadowless lamp reflector should be uniform, firm combination, there is no pinhole, water stains, spots and release phenomenon.


    Hole Type Shadowless Lamp in factory

    timg (2).jpg

    Welcome to buy the best quality Hole Type Shadowless Lamp in Orthopedics hospital for sale from us. As one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers of various medical equipment, we have cooperated with many companies and owned good reputation. Come and enjoy our unmatched prices and services.

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